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Welcome to the Law Offices of Ben Rice

Since 1996 this site has tried to do two things:

  1. Introduce myself to you (attorneys, like everyone else are hired by reputation or “word of mouth”), and;
  2. Provide free information to the public. I have tried to present information here that people are entitled to know – for example:

Information in this web site should not be construed as legal advice and does not constitute an engagement of the Law Office of Benjamin Rice. The information contained below is of a general nature and may not apply to any particular set of facts or circumstances. Please keep in mind that laws change constantly and I cannot update this site very often. No part of this document may be disseminated without this paragraph.

Noteworthy Cases


First degree murder- jury found client “Not guilty” of First or Second Degree Murder and “Not Guilty” of Voluntary Manslaughter


I represented Mr. Mentch in his second case and won the return of his cannabis.

Roger Mentch, a Santa Cruz County resident, vet and long time legitimate patient formed a collective of six patients who designated him their caregiver. But besides providing cannabis he made only “token gestures” of caring for most of those patients and the trial court said that wasn’t enough and didn’t allow him to argue a medical cannabis defense. He was convicted. The Sixth District Court of appeal unanimously reversed the trial judge and said these were questions for the jury. But ultimately the Supreme Court (unanimously) reversed that court. (See what I mean about “grey areas”? Judges disagree, cities and counties disagree — What is a patient to do?)


Charged with murder…one year later a judge signed a “finding of factual innocence” sealing any reference to the charge.

Getting caught up in the court system is confusing and terrifying. Ben provided not just excellent legal advice but wonderful support for our family in a time of crisis. He was literally our lifeline.
-Client’s Father


Client charged with vehicular manslaughter… DA wanted nine years…client served nine months.

“Ben Rice, through his experience, sensitivity and knowledge, led our Son and our entire family through the most difficult journey of our lives. He took a horrific tragedy and through his efforts to pursue a restorative justice approach, gave my Son another chance at life while honoring the family who suffered greatly from this tragedy. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to Ben and we will forever be grateful for his service. Ben Rice is an honorable man of character.”  

Addition to my offices

Mark Garver in court with client,
Maurice Ainsworth.

I believe one of my strongest assets is knowing how to recognize and in many cases put together good legal teams. I have been lucky to collaborate with some of the best attorneys in the state. To that end, I have recently invited an outstanding trial attorney, Mark Garver, to join me in my offices. After 27 years in solo practice I didn’t make this decision lightly. But I’ve watched Mark’s outstanding work as a public defender for 13 years. His passion for justice, work ethic, and tremendous success make him a great colleague. We are not partners but we will collaborate on many cases, represent co-defendants in others, and when appropriate, take cases together.